Mitchell Lab at ESH 2021

14 Oct 2021 5:07 PM

The Mitchell group are participating the European School of Haematology’s 6th Translational Research Conference on Lymphoid Malignancies (ESH Lymphoid 2021) (Oct 14-17 2021). A number of our members presenting research updates, which are available to view now!

You can view their pre-recorded posters and talks here.

Ielyaas Cloete is presenting his progress in simulating the BCL2 family apoptotic signalling network to enable us to better understand its role in B-Cell lymphoma. Ielyaas’s work is funded by Lekuaemia UK.

Arran Pack is presenting his recent work incorporating receptor-proximal mutations frequntly found in DLBCL into models of B-cell receptor signalling and TLR signalling.

Eleanor Jayawant is presenting her latest work, using a novel flow cytommetry pipeline she has developed, to characterise NF-κB differences between B-cell lymphoma cells. Eleanor’s work is funded by a UKRI FLF, and was done in close collaboration with Prof Andrea Pepper and Prof Chris Pepper.