Arran Pack receives Adam Weiler award for outstanding impact.

19 Jun 2023 12:00 AM
University of Sussex

Arran Pack has been recognised for game-changing work and outstanding impact.

Announced during Sussex Doc Fest on 8 June, the £1,000 Adam Weiler Awards recognise researchers who demonstrate the potential to make a lasting, positive impact with their PhD work, and is supported by a generous donation to the University in memory of a former student.

Arran Pack is the inaugural Clinical Sciences winner. The panel wrote: Arran “takes an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to blood cancer research, pioneering a way of integrating mutations into computational simulations of healthy cells to predict how cancer cells will respond to their environment in the body and to drugs. Combining computer coding, mathematical equations and experimental biology work, Arran is generating new projects in blood cancer research. His published methods are likely to impact the study of immunology and virology more broadly, and his work has real potential to enable cancer treatments individually tailored to each patient.”

See the announcement and other winners here.

Congrats Arran, well deserved!

Simon Mitchell
Simon Mitchell
Reader in Cancer Research

My primary research focus is in understanding how intracellular, molecular signalling networks control immune cell fate, and how misregulation of these molecular networks leads to haematological malignancies. My combination of immunology and haematological training lead to a particular interest in B-cell lymphomas.