Aimilia wins Travel Award to visit University of California Los Angeles


Emily secured prestigious £8k for her innovative proposal to apply what she is discovering in her PhD to the unique experimental models available in Los Angeles.

1 Mar 2024
University of California, Los Angeles

Emily applied for and secured a prestigious University of Brighton Postgraduate Researcher Mobilisation Award, to fund 6 week research visit to the University of California Los Angeles. She will be hosted by the lab of Professor Alexander Hoffmann, who will support her to use the experimental systems available in their group to shed new light on the links between cell survival and cell signalling.

Emily has also had an abstract accepted to present her work at the Immunology LA conference.

Congratulations Emily!

Simon Mitchell
Simon Mitchell
Reader in Cancer Research

My primary research focus is in understanding how intracellular, molecular signalling networks control immune cell fate, and how misregulation of these molecular networks leads to haematological malignancies. My combination of immunology and haematological training lead to a particular interest in B-cell lymphomas.