The Mitchell lab will present multiple projects at ICSB 2022 in Berlin

8 Oct 2022 — 12 Oct 2022
Berlin, Germany,

We have had two abstracts accepted for talks, and two for posters at ICSB 2022: The 21st International Conference on Systems Biology ICSB 2022.

Eleanor will present her project titled “Flow Cytometry Combined with Systems Biology Modelling Reveals Heterogeneous ‘NFkB Fingerprints’ in DLBCL”. This work is part of her project: Therapeutic targeting of refractory relapsed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma through systems biology, funded by our UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. Her presentation will be part of Session 15: CANCER SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, and she will share her exciting interdisciplinary approach combining computational biology with Flow Cytommetry pipeline to assess NFκB with unprecedented detail in DLBCL cells.The work is part of an exciting collaboration with Andrea and Chris Pepper. The abstract for this work is available here.

Simon will present a project lead by Ielyaas, as part of our collaboration with Victoria Smith, Ross Jackson and Martin Dyer, and Andrea and Chris Pepper. In this project, titled: “PREDICTING THE RESPONSE OF DLBCL CELLS TO BH3-MIMETICS USING SYSTEMS BIOLOGY”, we have created a new computational systems biology model of apoptosis that accurately predicts how DLBCL cells will respond to BH3-Mimetics. The model is validated by extensive experimental data and accurately predicts which cells respond to which drugs. Simon will present in Session 21: NETWORK BIOLOGY & PRECISION MEDICINE. This work is part of a A Systems Biology Approach to Tailoring Therapy for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma funded by Leuakaemi UK and Simon is funded by a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. The abstract is available here.

Richard will share his latest progress modelling the cell cycle, apoptosis and how the two combine in double hit lymphoma.

Arran will presnt how he has modelling common mutations in receptor-proximal signalling pathways in DLBCL.